When Promises Hurt

Broken Umbrella

I have promised to love you always and to change as to how you wanted me to and to go down the path you have ideally set for me. To you, it was for my own good, for my best interests. I promised you because I had loved you and I felt that your happiness was important to me and if making sacrifices could carry us a long way, I would do all I can for you even if it meant getting out of my comfort zone. That was how much I loved you. But you could not see my love. Have you ever asked if that was what I wanted? If I was truly happy doing that? For every objective you have set for me, I feared I could not achieve it and every time I saw you and your demands, I felt smaller and smaller. I knew I loved you and that was what kept me going,in hope you would appreciate me for who I am one day. Those promises hurt but they never hurt as much as your actions towards me. Your cold treatments for words I innocently said without any ill intention cut right through me every second, robbed me of peace and rest and left me soaking my pillows in tears every night. You never once thought of how I would feel, how to clarify with me and ask if you had hurt me in any way. All you remembered was how you did not like my words and your misunderstanding.

Maybe you took me for granted, maybe you thought I was made of steel but I am human too, and Ioving you has made me vulnerable to you yet you threw knives at me time and again instead of cherishing me. When I asked you what I did wrong, all you did was to brush me off or ask me to ask myself. Would I ask you when I knew the answer? You said you were tired and drained in this relationship and at that very moment I knew deep down inside, it was time for me to leave. I have become a burden to you no matter how I tried to be as accommodating as I could, allowing you to not plan dates, not set timings on what time we would meet, not go out like how all couples do or even have simple dinner dates. All these were of the least concern to me because it was you that was the most important to me. As long as you were happy, that was all that mattered to me. That is who I am but you kept pushing your boundaries.

What have I done to deserve this from you? What have I done to deserve such unappreciative attitude and such hurt? I promised you that I would never leave you behind, that I would love you always and you promised that you would shower love, care and attention on me but you never fulfilled your promises to me. I always thought that love conquers all, but you have proven me wrong. You have shown me that even love, is not enough to make you want  to change and work hard for this relationship. You have shown how offering my whole heart, all scarred and wrapped in stitches, would end up being torn apart and thrown aside. You have also shown me how I would never match up to your ideal version of a girlfriend no matter how hard I tried.

These promises hurt, but I am still holding onto them and one day, I will put them down.


To all our Significant Others


William Shakespeare once wrote in Romeo and Juliet, “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” This pretty sums up every one of our love lives. Today, I chanced upon my treasure chest safely tucked away in my cupboard. The first item I took out from my treasure chest was the very first card my significant other gave me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read and relished every single word and line in the beautifully written card. In all my years, I have never once thought I would meet someone who would love me for who I am. Society devalues men to be hungry wolves lusting after pretty flesh but I learnt that everyone has a chance at love no matter how you look like. Personally, I am only an average girl with a heart so big yet so fragile; a girl who will never be on television for her looks or her body; I am, like any other girl, filled with fears and insecurities; a girl who tries to love herself while battling society’s stereotypes and challenges; a girl who has once lost all faith in romance; a guarded child who never let her walls crumble down but I was blessed to be found and loved even when I was incomplete and broken.

//To all our Significant Others,

Having you in my arms is the greatest feeling in the world. There are no amounts of ‘I love you’ that can measure up to the amount of love I have for you. Before you came into my world, I was broken, worn out and emotionally dead but your presence gave me so much hope to stand up and walk out of the dark and those walls that I have built so high, to break the silence right inside of me, gave me so much to smile about everyday and learn to have faith. Although falling in love was split second, staying in love really is a choice; through the arguments, tears and laughter. I am lucky you chose me out of billions of girls who may be way better than me, I am blessed to grow with you and be a part of your life. I promise, I will hold you tightly and dearly every day of my life as long as you let me. No matter how much dark clouds pass by us, how strong the storm is ahead or how much troubles would weigh us down, I will be there to hold your hand and carry your burdens with you, every step of the way just like how you did for me. I am weak alone but with you, I am strong, not only for myself but for us and our future. Even if our ‘I love you’ messages decrease; our lives get busier as we grow, my love stands steadfast and I promise to care for you with every ounce of love I have. Thank you for loving an imperfect, guarded me.

I love you.//

It is hard to find someone you can love and grow with in such a close, intimate way and while life gets us, let us remember to always appreciate the ones we love dearly, not only on special occasions, but every second, minute and hour.

The strong fall too. But we forget that.


I am in my early twenties, at the peak of my youth, at the phase whereby I should go all wanderlust and travel or pig out in cafes or be a social media sensation or a top achiever in college. Let me tell you, in all honesty, I am nothing like that. I am an average college girl, just like any female you walk past without noticing on the street, or that quiet girl in the corner which won’t catch your eye. While I do have some minor achievements, I pride myself for being an independent and strong lady. I am self sufficient, I work to pay for my expenses, with as minimal help from my doting parents, I took up a study loan from the bank because I want my parents to not have to wait for me to repay them; I want them to enjoy life without financial worries. So, here I am, an average girl with average looks and average grades,holding a part time job on weekdays and Sundays while juggling a full time university education. I cannot be travelling around the world, fulfilling my wanderlust dreams without a care or going cafe-hopping everyday or joining pageants to be famous. I have my burdens, fears and many more typical-average-human worries attached to me which, on a normal day, are handled seemingly well enough.

But the strong fall too. I also have days where I succumb under pressure and cry myself to sleep, days where I begin to feel less about myself, days where I feel that everything is going to crumble down on me, days where my pressures eat me up and even silly moments where I just want to give up on everything. People forget the strong fall too. “Get up”, they say. ” Rise to the occasion”, “It’s not that bad”, they claim. No. That isn’t what I want to hear. I have my weak moments too; we all do. All I want is someone or people to listen to my inner fears and worries, to let me rant, cry, whine without feeling irritated at me, to understand that I have fallen temporarily but should not be agitated to get up on my feet on the spot, to shower attention on me and just be there.

Everyone falls but usually, people forget that the strong will fall too and when they fall, they fall as hard too.

I wanna go home


Home. No, it isn’t the type of home you are thinking about; it’s not my parents’ home that I am talking about. I am talking about my own home, a place where I am the mistress, a place where I rush back to after a busy day at work or mop around on a lazy weekend afternoon. That is the home I am talking about- a place that belongs to me. Since I was a little girl, I had always envied people who bought houses for themselves, I would always wonder, “How would I decorate my own house? Oh! The amount of joy I would have, the thrill of building its interior all by myself, from choosing the colour of the walls to the furniture to the decorations!” Now I am older, I have entered my twenties but while my achievements begin to pile up, while I have someone I can call my own, the void in me gets larger. Deep inside, I know all these will come eventually and there is no need to rush but having stayed out in a hostel for 2 years, the loneliness in me gets worst. It isn’t the loneliness that can be filled in by anyone, but the loneliness where there is no physical place for you to fall on, the place where no one will berate you or judge you for stupid things that you do, quarrel with you because they can’t get your attention but a place where you are sheltered from the world, a place where you and the one you love can cuddle in bed and call it your own haven. Sometimes, I dread going back to the hostel; a place where I have no attachment to. I am merely a tenant who is there because it is convenient. As I age, I begin to crave for the simplest of things; for assurance, comfort, happiness and contentment. Yet, the simplest of things are often the hardest to achieve. So, I have decide to shift out of my hostel to go back to my parents’ home to stay; I do miss them a lot and being home on weekends means a lot to me. One day, I would be returning to a home where my soul rests in a place I can call my own.

5 things to look for in a relationship

12065654826_ee283e05b8_oFor ages, love has been greatly celebrated by us especially in music for past decades. Be it a breakup or a blissful relationship, we, despite all our fullness and self sufficing ways of life seek to find that special someone to lean on and trust in. Maybe that is why the saying goes,” No Man is an island” because there is someone out there searching for someone like us. Today, I was approached by two girls who, in pursuit of the Valentine’s Day fever, asked me a question,” What do you look for in a relationship?” I chuckled inside me. This question has been in my head ever since the day I was attached. Here are my two cents worth of what every person should look for in a relationship:

1) A future

  • This, in my opinion, is the most important reason of all. Every relationship breaks when one or both persons no longer visualize a future together. Pragmatic as it seems, love and passion is not everything. They are elements that keep the chemistry alive for that moment but what makes a chemistry last is beyond those electric waves of passion. It is the desire to want to create a future together with your significant other, to foresee how life would be and that form of fantasizing will make you realize how much you love him/her and how much you want to strive towards to the future.

2) Someone who accepts you for who you are

  • Definitely easier said than done. As humans, comparison is an inherent characteristic of ours. We always want to have the best, even when it comes to lovers, Be with someone who loves you for your disgusting ways, your love handles and double chins and yet still think you are beautiful/handsome because in his/her eyes, you are the only one that he/she needs. I can confidently say that there will always be someone out there who is better but the question is, ” Why are you looking for the perfect one when you yourself are flawed?” If you have found someone who loves you just the way you are, hold onto that person and never let go.

3) Communication

  • This is another important key in every relationship. When you realize that you no longer have anything to say to him/her and even quarrels are replaced by silence, that is when you should reconsider your relationship. You two may be the couple that bickers all the time but there is communication going on and bickering eventually leads to an airing of views and hopefully acceptance! Of course, we would choose to be with someone who is able to ‘click’ with us!

4) Sincerity

  • Be with a man who is sincere, ladies. He may be a sweet talker but he is not worth your time if he is not sincere in his speech and actions because all he is saying is just for courtesy’s sake. Be with a man who is not afraid to tell you the truth, who dares to apologize, open to your views and ideas and proves his love for you with actions. He does not have to shower you with lavish gifts all the time because when you appreciate a sincere man, even an occasional handmade card would send you to the high heavens.

5) Maturity

  • This is one quality that I highly value in my partner. Why maturity, you may ask. Let me put the pieces together for you. A mature person is not quick to anger or quick to envy, he/she places trust in you and allows you to pursue your dreams without wanting to obsessively tie you down because he/she understands that you have a right to lead a fulfilling your life goals and he/she is mature enough to be there silently supporting you without throwing fits demanding that 100% of your attention is not focused on him/her. A mature individual knows the rules of the relationship which you two have set out and he/she is willing to commit wholeheartedly without you needing to worry about any third parties. A mature person also knows how to see the situation and not bellow at you in public or shame you in front of your family and friends. He/she knows the meaning of respect for you, your family and your friends. Just a little reminder, maturity is not positively correlated to age! Some people may be way beyond their youth yet have never been any more matured. Instead, maturity comes with experiences and lots of reflection about one’s life and actions. Be with someone who is mature enough to want to protect and grow a relationship with you without stifling you or stumping your dreams. Instead, he/she will be the wings that lift you up into the skies where your dreams lie among the clouds.

I had been on numerous dates but had never been successful and I have been extremely blessed to have found someone who fits whatever I had been looking for. We have been together for almost 4 months and while it may be short, we understand that we are on a journey together to pursue our dreams without forsaking each other. To those who are still searching, do not be disheartened for he/she will come along but keep these points in mind so that you will not fall for a person who would sweep you off your feet at this moment but break your heart the next moment. To all couples, treasure the one you have and love him/her with all your heart and soul because it is hard to find someone who would love you just like how he/she does in his/her own little ways.

When you learn to guard your heart


I close my eyes and dissolve in the darkness around me. Silence was all that penetrated through the walls of the room. Or was it my heart that has been so silent that I could no longer hear the sounds around me? If i could take a tour in my body, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the chambers of my body heavily pad-locked and guarded by thorny vines, so thick that it is impossible to get through.

When you learn to guard your heart, you erect towering walls around it, for fear that spears would go through and leave scars, you question every sentence of love because you simply cannot understand why and you place fearsome creatures at its entrance so that no one can through to you.

Yet, when you guard your heart, you push others away. You no longer feel any sincerity in any words of love, yet you wished you could believe them. You wished to be loved and cared for but you are afraid that by opening these doors, you become vulnerable to hurt and you may never ever be able to have the strength to build a whole new fort. You worry if you have actually forgotten how love felt like, was it sweet or sour, bitter or spicy? I have no idea. What do you do when you felt exhilarated for a moment because of love? I don’t know, I just keep a straight face.

When you learn to guard your heart, you become the loneliest and most fragile person you can ever be.

The People We Lose Contact With


Maybe she was a best friend you once had, a promising date, a working colleague or just anyone whom you could click with. They just lose contact all of a sudden. Just like clouds, some gust of wind had blew them out of your life and you wonder, ‘Is it my fault?’ I never stopped pondering on this question whenever a friendship or a relationship does not work out, when he or she just drifts off and never came back. But I soon came to realize that it was nobody’s fault. Not mine, especially. Maybe they wanted someone popular, someone hot, gorgeous, someone who wasn’t you. Maybe, they just got too busy they decided that putting you out of their lives was the best decision. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. But no matter what it is, it isn’t my fault and to all the girls out there who wonder where he or she went, remember, it was never your fault in the first place. It was their choice, conscious or not. You are beautiful in your own way, amazing in your own thoughts and unique in your own body so never let anyone who leaves you tell you otherwise. Yes, they may find someone else, but they will never find you. You are a gem on your own, don’t wait for someone to polish you before you can sparkle. Polish yourself and sparkle, show them that even though you are no longer a frequent contact or someone who used to be on their minds all the time, you will make do without them. I remembered a friend telling me, ” You meet the good ones, you meet the bad ones, but along the way you learn to find the best ones.” indeed, you meet people who you have instant connections with which never last but you will learn to appreciate those who have connected with you and stayed. Friends or lovers, we will be glad we lost contact with those who couldn’t see us for who we truly are.

Lost Memories

The cool waves lapped against the rocky shores and the chilly breeze caressed her petite frame, wrapping its arms around her. The sea seemed to reach the ends of the earth. Seagulls circled mindlessly in the cloudless blue sky, calling out incessantly. It seemed just like yesterday that everything happened. “Humans are crazy creatures! ” She remembered hearing her old political science professor exclaim. Indeed, she was and still is crazy; drunk in love and soon, seawater.

The idyllic backdrop was nowhere near the depiction of her feelings. He was her confusion, the stray thoughts during a lecture, the sudden outbursts of giggles and the abrupt pangs of sadness. The sun seemed to have disappeared even though its rays were burning her skin and toasting the sand that was burying her feet. She wondered if he was enjoying himself, if he actually remembered her and if he was hidden among the blanket of twinkling stars that filled the sky every night. Those memories weren’t memories after all. They don’t stay in her head. She could barely recall his face but her humane, raw heart had a longing so bad that it felt as if it was missing a big part of itself. Life, somehow, just wasn’t complete. It was him that was missing, but who? His face, his name and his voice had been eaten away by little hungry bugs nibbling on her brain cells. Time was her enemy and still is. Slowly and cautiously, she stepped into the clear waters that seemed to soothe her soul. She closed her eyes, laid down and let every essence of her body ebb away with the rhythm of the waves. She knew, for sure, he would be there to receive her with open arms. And she would instinctively know that it was her missing jigsaw puzzle piece.

The flashing red and white lights, sirens and policemen flashed past her eyes. She had received a grim-sounding phone call to rush down to Krankery Road. There it was, that familiar looking ruby BMW sports car. She swallowed her saliva and clenched her fist, pushing her way through the crowd with whimpers of ‘excuse me’. “No, it must be a mistake”, she repeated in her head, in a frantic attempt to calm those fears that drilled through her gut.

Miss?” inquired a gruff voice.

Fragments of glass, policemen reeling the black and yellow “Do Not Cross” tape and an overturned car filled her vision. There was blood; fresh red blood trickling down the sides of the road, as red as his BMW sport car, LC 2805S. Passionate red was their favorite color, they had a common love for sport cars and he had specially bought a car plate license which had both their initials on it, the date sparks flew into romance and the initial of the country they met in. He was a pioneering businessman who dealed with sport cars distribution in the region and she was a woman who dreamed big about travels, philosophy and money. She would accompany him to his mundane golf and thrilling car racing sessions and willingly be that little woman who would stand meekly by his side, looking up to him as his charisma overflowed into her adoring heart. It reminded her why she loved him so much, why his eyes reminded her of the stars in the sky, the crescent moon plastered on his lips and his hair, fluffy night clouds floating in the serene night sky that complemented his cool, calm personality. This man, the love of her life, the man who would always be 8 years ahead of her, lay there with his eyes open,motionless and bloodied.

Miss? Miss?” the voice was clearly irritated.

Yes, I am.” she pried her eyes away from him and looked at the podgy policeman who was obviously disgusted by the scene and irritated that he had to work at such an unearthly hour, facing a bloodied corpse and an unresponsive woman.

You will have to follow us to the hospital to fill in some details and then to the police station for investigation. My condolences.”

What do you mean by condolences? He is not dead! I saw him blink! I really saw him smile at me! He will stand up and prove to you that he’s alive and kicking! How dare you say he is dead! Stand up, dear, you never liked sleeping on streets so stand up please, I beg you, stand up! Stop lying there, you need to shower and wash off all that grime! Please, I beg you!” Anger quickly turned into delusion.

He’s gone. I’m sorry.”

The next few months were a living hell for her, she waited by her phone everyday, anticipating a call or a text that said, “ Hey baby, I’m back.” Silence was all she received. Endless hours of scrolling through their photographs and messages which contained their dreams, fears and hopes yet he never called or texted. She would walk aimlessly down places they had been to, sit at tables in cafes they patronized and in parks where they held hands and kissed. She missed those days where her heart was beating wildly and filled with boundless joy, when loneliness, sorrow and pain ceased to exist. Nights were no longer filled with snatching of blankets from each other and her ending up squirming up to him for some warmth and him wrapping her in his strong arms, his loud annoying snores that she hated most and him mumbling in his sleep to her about deadlines and reports, thinking that she was his employee. She would always chuckle at his furrowed bushy brows and peck him lovingly on his forehead. Amazingly, the mumbling would always be replaced by a smile and more irritating snores, making her wonder if he actually did that on purpose. Yet, she loved and still loves him for all his noisy and selfish ways.

I’m sorry, you only have 3 months left. There is nothing we can do about it.”

She hated the word, “sorry”. It always meant something bad, just like “my condolences”. These people would never understand that no matter how much apologies or condolences they offer, the pain would not disappear. These hypocritical words were useless to begin with, why would people say it if it was just for courtesy’s sake? To her, these words made her stomach squirm and her head would spin, spiraling her back to that bloody road where he lay, eyes open and motionless.

The cries of the seagulls were fading and the cool salty seawater filled every nook and cranny of her soul. Soon, the memories would come flowing back and there she would be, blissful in his arms among the stars in the calm night sky where their eyes would twinkle and their smiles in the crescent moon which would shine through the hearts of each pair of lovers in the world.

Makeup is not rocket science ( In less than 10 steps)

Think Marilyn Monroe. Think Elizabeth Taylor. Think pretty women. While we, average ordinary women are no match for their beauty, we can rely on one best friend of ours to make us look gorgeous-makeup. But how can we do hassle free makeup within minutes? In this post, I am going to show you simple steps in applying night makeup and its wonders. Yes, makeup does perform miracles!


STEP 1: Wash your face with facial wash thoroughly and dry with a towel.

STEP 2: Apply primer onto face. Place a 1 cent coin size of primer onto these parts of your face:                                      

  • 2 cheeks
  • forehead,
  • nose,
  • chin,
  • 2 jaws
  • 2 temples
  • upper lip

Then blend the primer into your face in a uniform circular motion (either clockwise or anti-clockwise)

STEP 3: Apply foundation the same way as step 2. You should look like this:


Before Foundation


After applying foundation. The marks are less visible!

STEP 4: Draw your eyebrows! I suggest a straight line with a seductive downward angle at the end. These eyebrows are usually the classic.

STEP 5: Put on fake eyelash:

  • Apply a thin layer of lash glue on the fake eyelash
  • Leave for about 5 to 10 seconds
  • Place it carefully on the edge of the eye, near the eyelashes or directly above if you are still a novice at this

Eyelashes do not have to be too thick. Just medium thickness will do. Notice how my eyes have become much more feminine

 STEP 6: Eyeliner! For easy drawing, draw a short line angling up from the end of the eye then join the front edge of the eye (nearest to nose) to the line drawn at the end of the eye with a line. Fill the space up with your eyeliner.


Your eyeliner should look feline!

Your eyeliner should look feline!

 STEP 7: Lipstick. I usually choose red lipstick as I am fair-skinned and red, in my opinion, best brings out a woman’s beauty. Make sure you open your mouth in an oval shape when applying lipstick to prevent smudges. Do make use of your fingers to clean away any smudges immediately. Use your index finger to wipe downwards at the cupid’s bow so that your lips will look much more defined and appealing.

STEP 8: Take some nice photos and be confident!



Makeup ain’t rocket science! Instead, once you have tried it, you will realise how much it can transform you! Say goodbye to smudged eyeliners, skewed fake eyelashes, incomplete brows and unappealing lips!

Have fun experimenting with makeup!

The Band of True Love

In a land far away lived a young man who never knew what love felt like. His village, hidden among the mountains strewn with all sorts of crops and cattle had a belief that the person who could find the legendary elastic rainbow band would experience love in such a god-like manner. He would be able to taste bliss on his tongue, feel the pulses of love waves electrify every nerve of his body, feel himself ascending to heaven with choirs of angels serenading him and beauties in his arms. Simply speaking, it was every man’s dream come true. This young man, in his fervor and youth, decided to embark on a journey to seek out the legendary elastic rainbow band. He was tired of going through endless matchmaking sessions and blind dates and the possibility of marrying someone he had no interest in frightened him. Taking things into his own hand, he packed the basic necessities, some money and went off, brimming with hope that he would be the lucky man to taste blissful love. Across mountains he trekked, swam through muddy swamps and battled mosquitoes in jungles before reaching a place where he heard he may seek out the location of the rainbow band.

His shoes were tattered till its bare minimum and his clothes reeked of sweat and toil. There were a row of houses lined up in front of him. “Hmmmm, which should I choose?” he wondered out loud. After an arduous expedition, he had hoped to meet a kind, warm and friendly family that would give him a new set of clothes and shoes along with a piping hot meal. There was a queer-looking house with a crooked chimney which spurted out odd-looking shapes of smoke and its walls were covered with delicious looking gingerbread, candies, toffees, chocolate fudge cookies and sundaes that never melt under the blazing sun rays. His mouth watered and with his heart full of desire for the sweet treats, he approached the door of the queer-looking house with a twinkle in his eyes and a growl in his bottomless belly.

“ Thud Thud Thud” he ratted on the door impatiently while his eyes were fixed on the friendly looking gingerbread boy and girl at the side of the entrance. His scrawny fingers inched towards one of them and in hungry desperation, plucked it out and gobbled it down. Waves of pleasure shot through his mouth, tingling his taste-buds and he could almost feel himself soaking in a tub of ice lemon tea with finely sliced lemons floating in the heavenly, out of the world beverage bath. The heavy wooden door creaked open and an old man peered out cautiously. He was, like his house, strange-looking, with crooked beady eyes, a bendy nose and a smile that can warm hearts and bring smiles to crying children faces.

“Oh, kind sir, could I have a seat inside and maybe, drink a cup of hot chocolate?”

“Of course, young lad. Please come in and I will prepare you some clothes and food.”

The interior of the house was exquisite, furnished with furniture fit for a King and the food that was laid on the table smelled heavenly and looked inviting. The old man had a daughter named Rosella. She was a black-eyed beauty with a full bosom, ruby red lips, big dolly eyes and vivacious black curls hanging stylishly from her head. What a sight to behold! He fell in love with her in a heartbeat, his senses sparked with excitement, sending him cartwheeling up and down the magical rainbow in his mind. Enchanted by Rosella, he begged the old man to let him stay, he would gladly do anything in the name of love. The notion of searching for the magical rainbow elastic band disappeared in a flash, that was no longer important for he has Rosella.

“All right young man, stay and serve me.”

“Your wish is my command Sir but I do hope to be worthy of your daughter, Rosella.”

“ You will have two of my assistants to help you out. Gingerboy and Gingergirl, come right here now!”

The young man was shocked but curious, there was clearly no other soul in the house except the old man, himself and Rosella. Next thing he saw left him gaping in bewilderment. A gingerbread girl hopped over to the old man, tears in her small candy eyes and whispered into the old man’s ear. His face turned into a fury red and steam emerged from his ears as he looked at the young man menacingly.

“Did you eat up Gingerboy?” bellowed the old man.

The young man nodded in silence, too afraid to do any further explanation, he was quite sure he would be fine since the old man had treated him nicely. Just as expected, the old man’s expression changed back to the kind, friendly face and he invited the young man to the kitchen to learn how to bake another Gingerboy.

Into the oven the young man went, baked and kneaded by the special oven that melted him in seconds. Out jumped out Gingerboy with rainbow colours and into the arms of Gingergirl who squealed in delight. The young man found neither the magical rainbow elastic band nor true love for in fact, there was no such thing.