The People We Lose Contact With


Maybe she was a best friend you once had, a promising date, a working colleague or just anyone whom you could click with. They just lose contact all of a sudden. Just like clouds, some gust of wind had blew them out of your life and you wonder, ‘Is it my fault?’ I never stopped pondering on this question whenever a friendship or a relationship does not work out, when he or she just drifts off and never came back. But I soon came to realize that it was nobody’s fault. Not mine, especially. Maybe they wanted someone popular, someone hot, gorgeous, someone who wasn’t you. Maybe, they just got too busy they decided that putting you out of their lives was the best decision. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. But no matter what it is, it isn’t my fault and to all the girls out there who wonder where he or she went, remember, it was never your fault in the first place. It was their choice, conscious or not. You are beautiful in your own way, amazing in your own thoughts and unique in your own body so never let anyone who leaves you tell you otherwise. Yes, they may find someone else, but they will never find you. You are a gem on your own, don’t wait for someone to polish you before you can sparkle. Polish yourself and sparkle, show them that even though you are no longer a frequent contact or someone who used to be on their minds all the time, you will make do without them. I remembered a friend telling me, ” You meet the good ones, you meet the bad ones, but along the way you learn to find the best ones.” indeed, you meet people who you have instant connections with which never last but you will learn to appreciate those who have connected with you and stayed. Friends or lovers, we will be glad we lost contact with those who couldn’t see us for who we truly are.


2 thoughts on “The People We Lose Contact With

  1. I think this type of mentality comes about when we think ourselves as the center with people and events revolving around us. It’s always good to take a step back and realise that most of the time, others just have different priorities or considerations that do not happen to align with ours. Like you said, it’s no one’s fault, not theirs, much less ours. Just a matter of circumstances. 😉

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