Makeup is not rocket science ( In less than 10 steps)

Think Marilyn Monroe. Think Elizabeth Taylor. Think pretty women. While we, average ordinary women are no match for their beauty, we can rely on one best friend of ours to make us look gorgeous-makeup. But how can we do hassle free makeup within minutes? In this post, I am going to show you simple steps in applying night makeup and its wonders. Yes, makeup does perform miracles!


STEP 1: Wash your face with facial wash thoroughly and dry with a towel.

STEP 2: Apply primer onto face. Place a 1 cent coin size of primer onto these parts of your face:                                      

  • 2 cheeks
  • forehead,
  • nose,
  • chin,
  • 2 jaws
  • 2 temples
  • upper lip

Then blend the primer into your face in a uniform circular motion (either clockwise or anti-clockwise)

STEP 3: Apply foundation the same way as step 2. You should look like this:


Before Foundation


After applying foundation. The marks are less visible!

STEP 4: Draw your eyebrows! I suggest a straight line with a seductive downward angle at the end. These eyebrows are usually the classic.

STEP 5: Put on fake eyelash:

  • Apply a thin layer of lash glue on the fake eyelash
  • Leave for about 5 to 10 seconds
  • Place it carefully on the edge of the eye, near the eyelashes or directly above if you are still a novice at this

Eyelashes do not have to be too thick. Just medium thickness will do. Notice how my eyes have become much more feminine

 STEP 6: Eyeliner! For easy drawing, draw a short line angling up from the end of the eye then join the front edge of the eye (nearest to nose) to the line drawn at the end of the eye with a line. Fill the space up with your eyeliner.


Your eyeliner should look feline!

Your eyeliner should look feline!

 STEP 7: Lipstick. I usually choose red lipstick as I am fair-skinned and red, in my opinion, best brings out a woman’s beauty. Make sure you open your mouth in an oval shape when applying lipstick to prevent smudges. Do make use of your fingers to clean away any smudges immediately. Use your index finger to wipe downwards at the cupid’s bow so that your lips will look much more defined and appealing.

STEP 8: Take some nice photos and be confident!



Makeup ain’t rocket science! Instead, once you have tried it, you will realise how much it can transform you! Say goodbye to smudged eyeliners, skewed fake eyelashes, incomplete brows and unappealing lips!

Have fun experimenting with makeup!


2 thoughts on “Makeup is not rocket science ( In less than 10 steps)

    • Hi its me Viv agakb

      I just read this post. I find your tips easy to follow.

      I like your hair volume !!!! How do you do that? Can do your tut on it?


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