The Band of True Love

In a land far away lived a young man who never knew what love felt like. His village, hidden among the mountains strewn with all sorts of crops and cattle had a belief that the person who could find the legendary elastic rainbow band would experience love in such a god-like manner. He would be able to taste bliss on his tongue, feel the pulses of love waves electrify every nerve of his body, feel himself ascending to heaven with choirs of angels serenading him and beauties in his arms. Simply speaking, it was every man’s dream come true. This young man, in his fervor and youth, decided to embark on a journey to seek out the legendary elastic rainbow band. He was tired of going through endless matchmaking sessions and blind dates and the possibility of marrying someone he had no interest in frightened him. Taking things into his own hand, he packed the basic necessities, some money and went off, brimming with hope that he would be the lucky man to taste blissful love. Across mountains he trekked, swam through muddy swamps and battled mosquitoes in jungles before reaching a place where he heard he may seek out the location of the rainbow band.

His shoes were tattered till its bare minimum and his clothes reeked of sweat and toil. There were a row of houses lined up in front of him. “Hmmmm, which should I choose?” he wondered out loud. After an arduous expedition, he had hoped to meet a kind, warm and friendly family that would give him a new set of clothes and shoes along with a piping hot meal. There was a queer-looking house with a crooked chimney which spurted out odd-looking shapes of smoke and its walls were covered with delicious looking gingerbread, candies, toffees, chocolate fudge cookies and sundaes that never melt under the blazing sun rays. His mouth watered and with his heart full of desire for the sweet treats, he approached the door of the queer-looking house with a twinkle in his eyes and a growl in his bottomless belly.

“ Thud Thud Thud” he ratted on the door impatiently while his eyes were fixed on the friendly looking gingerbread boy and girl at the side of the entrance. His scrawny fingers inched towards one of them and in hungry desperation, plucked it out and gobbled it down. Waves of pleasure shot through his mouth, tingling his taste-buds and he could almost feel himself soaking in a tub of ice lemon tea with finely sliced lemons floating in the heavenly, out of the world beverage bath. The heavy wooden door creaked open and an old man peered out cautiously. He was, like his house, strange-looking, with crooked beady eyes, a bendy nose and a smile that can warm hearts and bring smiles to crying children faces.

“Oh, kind sir, could I have a seat inside and maybe, drink a cup of hot chocolate?”

“Of course, young lad. Please come in and I will prepare you some clothes and food.”

The interior of the house was exquisite, furnished with furniture fit for a King and the food that was laid on the table smelled heavenly and looked inviting. The old man had a daughter named Rosella. She was a black-eyed beauty with a full bosom, ruby red lips, big dolly eyes and vivacious black curls hanging stylishly from her head. What a sight to behold! He fell in love with her in a heartbeat, his senses sparked with excitement, sending him cartwheeling up and down the magical rainbow in his mind. Enchanted by Rosella, he begged the old man to let him stay, he would gladly do anything in the name of love. The notion of searching for the magical rainbow elastic band disappeared in a flash, that was no longer important for he has Rosella.

“All right young man, stay and serve me.”

“Your wish is my command Sir but I do hope to be worthy of your daughter, Rosella.”

“ You will have two of my assistants to help you out. Gingerboy and Gingergirl, come right here now!”

The young man was shocked but curious, there was clearly no other soul in the house except the old man, himself and Rosella. Next thing he saw left him gaping in bewilderment. A gingerbread girl hopped over to the old man, tears in her small candy eyes and whispered into the old man’s ear. His face turned into a fury red and steam emerged from his ears as he looked at the young man menacingly.

“Did you eat up Gingerboy?” bellowed the old man.

The young man nodded in silence, too afraid to do any further explanation, he was quite sure he would be fine since the old man had treated him nicely. Just as expected, the old man’s expression changed back to the kind, friendly face and he invited the young man to the kitchen to learn how to bake another Gingerboy.

Into the oven the young man went, baked and kneaded by the special oven that melted him in seconds. Out jumped out Gingerboy with rainbow colours and into the arms of Gingergirl who squealed in delight. The young man found neither the magical rainbow elastic band nor true love for in fact, there was no such thing.


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