A letter to my almost lovers

A letter to my almost lovers

Dear XXX,

Remember me? I was the one who foolishly went all the way out for you when you needed someone to be there. I was the one who was willing to make the silent sacrifices when no one else could. I was the one who cared the most for you when you were busy fussing over someone or something else. Do you even remember? How long was it since we last talked? Ages. Remember how we had so much to say and the memories we created?

How are you now? Are you doing well? Have you forgotten everything we shared together? Including my face? Do you know, I used to be brimming with hope whenever I looked into your eyes, you were like a dream come true for me and I felt we could have a future together. But in the end, everything was an illusion.

Yes, it has been ages but it remains a piece of shattered memory in my heart. We never started yet it felt as if we had. You, my almost lover, was the world to me, the sunshine in my mornings and the sugar to my bitter coffees. Today, my mornings drone by and the world spins past as I sip my bitter coffee. I am tired with all those almost lovers; exhausted and empty. But, thank you, thank you for coming into my life at a certain point and lighting up those flames in my cold, dead heart although you were the ones who extinguished those flames in the end. Yet, thank you.

Goodbye for now, my almost lovers and if destiny allows, we will meet again as strangers once more.


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