My thoughts on Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise like a phoenix’

I have never been an ardent fan of Eurovision. I am a small citizen from Singapore who has limited knowledge about the eurozone. I do not claim myself to be an expert in this field but something attracted me so strongly to the 2014 Eurovision. Conchita Wurst’s song has pulled me in so deeply that whenever I hear her song, I could feel my previous pains and emotions spilling out of my soul. Her song has such strong words; it reminds me not to forget to step out of my bad memories, to rise out of the ashes and to live on the way I want it to be. Honestly, when I first saw the video, I was utterly shocked by the beard. I slowly understood the rationale behind it and her interview made me have so much respect for her. Indeed, looks are just so secondary yet so many people nitpick and pay undue attention to things they do not like of others. Yet again, why not let others be who they are when they do not harm others? Are we living in a world where differences cannot be tolerated and people’s hearts are so narrow and unforgiving. There is no manual to life. We create our own manual. Just like what Conchita said, ” you only have 1, live it the way you want and be happy.” After all, Eurovision should have something so meaningful and hopefully this provides a new vision for all the European countries and the world as a whole. Thank you Conchita for giving us such a beautiful message and I personally feel that Austria deserves this award. Especially you, Conchita.


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