“I want him to …

“I want him to see the flowers in my eyes and hear the songs in my hands.”- Francesca Lia Block


The orange hues of the sun spread across the vast sky

I watched with tears as the plane started to fly

Memories of us began drifting apart

You became the distance, oh so far

I wish i could hold you back

I wish i could grab onto your bag

Plead you, beg you, implore you

But I know all those would not work too


Five months ago you told me you were leaving

I could still feel my heart bleeding

Off to the States you said

I felt my heart ache


Will we ever go beyond friendship

Into a romantic relationship

Maybe it is too big a leap

But all I want to do now is to plead

To plead with you not to leave


You left

I cried

It would be years

Till you come back

The time difference between us

Increases the distance

Those Unspoken words in my heart

Unknown Untouched Undiscovered


Today you texted me

An infatuated me

My spirits soared

I felt again that you were my all

My love for you grew more and more

I willingly kiss all your flaws

Here I am on this little red dot

My heart saving you a spot

Keeping that space locked

Come back quickly was my only thought


When we ended the chat

I knew for a fact

You don’t love me, yet




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