“Now that I have opened that bottle of memories, they’re pouring out like wine, crimson and bittersweet.”- Ellen Hopkins

The cool waves lapped against the rocky shores. The chilly breeze caressed her petite frame, wrapping its arms around her. The ocean seemed to be reach the ends of the earth. Seagulls circled mindlessly in the cloudless blue sky, calling out incessantly.

It seemed just like yesterday that everything happened. “Humans are crazy creatures! ” She remembered her old political science professor exclaim. Indeed, she had experienced this irrationality firsthand.

The idyllic backdrop was nowhere near the depiction of her feelings. He was her confusion, the stray thoughts during a lecture, the sudden outbursts of giggles and the abrupt pangs of sadness. The sun seemed to have disappeared.

She wondered if he was enjoying himself, if he actually remembered her and if he was hidden among the blanket of twinkling stars. Those memories weren’t memories after all. They don’t stay in her head. She could barely recall his face but her humane, raw heart had a longing so bad that it felt as if it was missing a big part of itself.

Life, somehow, just wasn’t complete.It was him that was missing, but who? His face, his name and his voice had been eaten away by little hungry bugs nibbling on her brain cells. Time was her enemy and still is. Slowly and cautiously, she stepped into the clear waters that seemed to soothe her soul. She closed her eyes, laid down and let every essence of her body ebb away with the rhythm of the ocean.

She knew, for sure, he would be there to receive her with open arms. And she would instinctively know that it was her missing jigsaw puzzle piece.


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