“It’s hard to feel desire when you don’t feel desirable.”- Christine Feehan

So,Valentine’s day is just round the corner. Many people have started getting excited or gathering ideas for this very special day.

However, something more special has come into my mind. The notion of love, embeds itself so deeply into our lives. Typically, no one can live without love. No one can pat themselves on the chest and say ” I don’t need love”. No matter how independent we all are, at some point of time, we will crave for love.

What is the point then? The point is how do we learn to cope without love? For those without a valentine, for those who have lost faith in relationships, for those who have suffered a divorce or a breakup, where is your love? The answer is simple. YOURSELF. We can always rely on ourselves to treat ourselves the way we want to be treated. We know ourselves best. By loving ourselves, we give our heart a chance to appreciate more things in life; friendship, religion, career etc. Things that go way beyond love.

To treasure ourselves is to allow others to see our self-worth. And that is how long-lasting love will come to us. People always say “Fight for your happiness!” but I would say, ” Love yourself and love will find you.”

Let the self-loving begin!


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