“We all take di…

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everyhwere.”
― Tim McGraw

They sat in the room,one at each corner of the room. 3 of them. You would think that they were strangers or that they were mere acquaintances with no common interests. But, no. Shocking isn’t it? Admist the cacophony of noisy chatter, there was palpable cold stares and awkward biting of lips.

“Hey, how are you?” A black flat device screen screamed.

“Good.” blurted another black device.

They used to have so much to say, chatting till their throats grew hoarse and the groundwater in their bodies went miserably dry. Some claimed that they even saw the cows came home. Well, that was how much they talked, laughed and cried together. That was approximately 8 seasons ago. The warmth had been replaced by the brutal cold shoulders, similar to the biting cold howling wind just a door away.

“Whatever happened? ” a thought rushed through their minds.

No one could really pinpoint the problem or the culprit. Maybe, time really heals wounds, for they didn’t feel that much contempt towards each other anymore. She would go to the ends of the world for him, if he asked her to. He would be the one who relied on her, who made her feel a responsibility for and to yearn to care for him. Maybe it was unclarity that ruined everything they had. 8 seasons of sweet memories, replaced with 8 seasons of brutal pain. Ironically, 8 was also their favourite number. She never bared her heartfelt feelings for him and he never told her how he felt. Maybe he was unsure about how he really felt.

4 seasons later, she bared. It was swift and quick. So was the rejection. So was the searing, excruciating pain that flooded her soul.

” I’m sorry.” beeped another black device. The third device.

Her cool stare and curt reply was all that he received. The awkwardness intensed. None of them looked up, none of them shed a tear, none of them smiled. It was the end of everything.

Maybe they didn’t realise that they were sitting on triangular shaped chairs in a triangular formation.


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