How happy are you? Happify wants to train your brain for emotional fitness


Over the past couple of years, a smattering of studies have suggested that technology is taking its toll on our emotional wellbeing. But a new startup wants to use the web to commercialize the lessons of “positive psychology” and help people hone their happiness skills.

Founded two years ago by mobile and casual gaming entrepreneurs, New York-based Happify has been building and testing its emotional brain training tools with users in private beta for the past nine months. On Tuesday, the company announced that the site is now open to users far and wide.

Positive psychology is a relatively new field but has steadily gained attention from the popular press and inside academia. Promoted by former American Psychological Association president and University of Pennsylvania professor Martin Seligman (you may have seen his popular TED Talk here), it studies positive human functioning (unlike most of psychology) and aims to…

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