The older we grow, the more stability we crave for.

Stability is a state of something that is not easily changed. It is amazing how we, individuals,  become more resistant to change in this globalised world that is constantly changing.  Ironical isn’t it? Maybe we have not realised but pause for a while and think about it. What were the criteria of a soulmate you look for 10 to 20 years ago? Did the criteria remain unchanged?  You may have a sudden realisation how simple your criteria has become or that it may have even been so simple that all did not matter except stability.  He has got to be a guy with a stable income, career and a “stable” character.  What do I mean by a stable character?  A guy who is willing to settle down instead of living out his fun-loving, highly social life. Moving away from relationships, we too realise that as we get older, we pursue things that do not bring about change.  We go for methods that have been been traditional and long used. We choose jobs that are stable and less volatile.  We prefer to go about our job doing what we have been so used to do. Stability is not bad but too much stability results in a lack in progress. In nice terms, it is stability. Crudely speaking,  it is stubbornness.  As we age, we have to continue keeping an open mind to keep up with the world’s progress and counteract the negativity of stability. 


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