The movie ‘Gravity’ is about the journey and experience of 3 astronauts as they face death and the actions that they choose to take. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the movie has been inspiring in its ways. Has anyone ever thought of the greatness of astronauts? Most of the time, we recognise politicians, soldiers, doctors, lawyers and all reputable professions we know. Have we thought about astronauts? Although they do not appear in our everyday lives, they are out there risking their lives in the name of scientific research. Sent to space, they and neither do we, know what may happen. Debris flying around in space, risk of spaceship malfunction etc etc pose all sorts of danger to them. Yet, if they do die in space, how many of us in the nation know, recognise and honour their deaths? This movie has really set me thinking on the recognition of this noble profession. Also, another food for thought is how life can be so unpredictable. Many a times, we do things that we usually do without considering that anything will go wrong. We walk the same path to work everyday but we would never expect being hit by a car. Like us, these astronauts are so used to going to space that they would never expect a sudden crisis or that their space shuttle would explode all of a sudden. The question is, are there any precautions made? The people working behind the scenes; the administrators, engineers etc, how much are they able to guarantee our astronauts’ safety?


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