College? It’s The Best Years Of Your Life, Right?

Thought Catalog

I realized the other day that the reason I had been so anxious about graduating was because of the amount of pressure that’s placed on the college experience. These years should apparently be ‘the best ones of your life’, and so something must be wrong with you if you don’t always feel this way. The world sometimes seems to be in unanimous agreement that life doesn’t get much better than when you’re a student.

So imagine the feeling when you don’t always feel like you’re ‘living it up’, that you somehow managed to miss the queue that led the way to the endless 4 year party. The hysteria leading up to what is soon to be your college years makes little mention of the days where you will inevitably find yourself bored senseless writing an essay about that dude you couldn’t care less about, revising so you can regurgitate dates…

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