The mark of fea…

The mark of fear cannot be removed easily

In life, we fear many things. The fear of failure, rejection, bullying and even the fear to make a change.  What inspired me to write about fear was when I was telling my friend about the days I had been bullied and how much I feared that it would happen again. Suddenly I realised that no matter how long the incident has passed, it would always be a part of me that I cannot remove-the fear of being bullied. How many of us have successfully put behind all horrible incidents that have impacted us so badly that we can’t help but let fear creep into our hearts? Our experiences shape our genres of fear. We learn to fear certain things to protect ourselves. Fear begets intolerance and intolerance begets fear. Our fear may be slowly transformed to an anger towards a particular activity which leads back to the fear of it happening to us. For me, I am unable to tolerate bullying as I my experiences allow me to understand how much pain the victim is going through. But yet, I am afraid that I would become the victim. I fear confessing my feelings for I fear rejection. The pride that I hold close to my ego teaches me that this pride cannot be shattered again. I fear falling for someone easily for I know it may be a misinterpretation. The array of fears is good and bad in their ways. While they protect me from making bold mistakes,  they rob me of my courage. They put me in constant paranoia and worries. For those with similar fears, you are not alone. While I may still not be brave to overcome my fears, I hope that eventually,  we would be able to walk out of our fears into a future filled with hope and confidence.  


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