Good things are always hidden

Good things are always hidden

Every time we go for a vacation, most of us, especially women, would opt for shopping and pretty buildings. This time, in Korea, I have chosen to climb mountains. It may sound silly but I have conquered 3 big mountains! Many see Korea as a cool, stylish and modern country but little have chose to see Korea in its rugged form. The rugged form of Korea is the most beautiful of all. Not the rows of cosmetic shops in Myeongdong or street food in Dongdaemun but the hidden jewels of Korea. Temples hidden in mountains, villages with their small family-run restaurants and travelling from town to town on the train just like all the other Koreans. Walking through a mountain, I chanced upon a beautiful stream strewn with rocks. Such things cannot be made by man and it further reminds us the power of nature and that in nature’s eyes, we are in fact powerless. It is only hiking for 3 hours would I be able to appreciate such beauty and be in awe of mother nature. The water was the most cooling, refreshing drink I ever had. What I learnt was that good things are always hidden. It is up to us to search for it and persevere to be able to enjoy the fruit of our labour.


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