Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly

Have you ever looked around at the tall buildings around you, breathe in the chilly air and absorb the hustle and bustle around you? Have we ended up taking our lives for granted? The peace that we always enjoy, the fortune of being able to laugh and joke around and the luxury of going home to a safe and warm place at the end of the day. On they way to Korea, I chanced upon a movie titled, ” Secretly Greatly “. This movie depicts 3 North Korean spies, elites of the 5446 five-star alliance troop, who were sent to South Korea on a mission. However, they were soon forgotten by their motherland. Their families were executed and they were in turn, accused of being traitors. This movie has overwhelmed me with many emotions. My heart went out to them as they realised that their blind devotion to their country has been wasted. What was worst was that they were ordered to commit suicide. Tracking devices had been implemented in their bodies and they were mercilessly pursued by their fellow comrades. What struck me most was when they said that in their next life, they hoped to be born into ordinary families in a peaceful country. Isn’t it odd how we are unable to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary but always strive to be the best? We keep looking upwards but we forgot to pause and turn around to see those struggling below. These 3 spies have found in each other a friendship which they never broke even till their deaths. They stuck together, fought together and died together. They trusted each other even till their last breath. This trust cannot be found in their country, North Korea, even though they were born as North Koreans. I also recalled what a guest professor had said about zombies. How do zombies trust each other? Their instinct will help them. The realist view of the world cannot exist anymore. No matter how some are trained to be cruel and merciless, there will still be a good part in them. No one is born a devil. This movie has made me understand better the importance of political science and to appreciate life and be contented. A great nation cannot be created without its people so for every country, they should put their people’s interest first. Interest is not determined by the elites who think they know everything. Instead it should be the citizens’ interest as deemed by citizens themselves. Deep down in every person’s heart, they all wish for peace. I also learned to appreciate whatever I have, to know that the peace that I enjoy in my country is not easily achieved. It is carefully and specially constructed. The blind devotion to material things, achievements will all be useless when peace is lost. As I wipe my tears away, I secretly pray for the happiness of the North Koreans. May they be reunited with their families and may they find their true happiness one day, away from their leader’s control and away from fear. For those who have read my post, I strongly recommend you to watch this superb movie and appreciate the life you have.


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