What’s your story?

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Here I am, sitting at a table with a  medium sized coke light in my hand and watching students. Some of them looked like they were rushing, others strolling leisurely and a handful burying their heads in books. As I scrutinised them, I could not help but wonder about their story. At the age of early 20s, everyone,  including me, is surely bound to have a story. What makes us who we are today? What makes our beliefs? What makes up our personality? After a long hard thought, I figured that the best answer would be experiences. Experiences, good or bad, have an impact on us whether we realise it or not. We turn out in a particular manner, armed with different hopes and fears mainly because of our experiences. Some fear that the bullying that they have faced in their younger years would resurface every time they enter a new environment. We all have our own story and some parts of our story may only be exclusive to our best friends or maybe, it is only for us ourselves. Regardless of our experiences, they are kept in our hearts to teach us a valuable lesson. As I glance at the different faces around me, the different expressions, the different personalities, I wonder aloud in my heart, “What’s your story?”

“Every life is different because you passed this way and touched history.” ― Barbara Kingsolver


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