Today is the first time in my life that I am going to the 38th parallel! I have learnt a lot about this parallel and the Korean War. I hope my trip to the 38th parallel will broaden my horizons and equip me with a new perspective at looking at issues. I admire the North Koreans for their guts, loyalty and discipline. However, I love the South for their vibrancy, openness and freedom. May both of them find a way to cooperate in the future! Although it may seem impossible but Kaesong was established! Wish me luck and look out for my next post!


Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly

Have you ever looked around at the tall buildings around you, breathe in the chilly air and absorb the hustle and bustle around you? Have we ended up taking our lives for granted? The peace that we always enjoy, the fortune of being able to laugh and joke around and the luxury of going home to a safe and warm place at the end of the day. On they way to Korea, I chanced upon a movie titled, ” Secretly Greatly “. This movie depicts 3 North Korean spies, elites of the 5446 five-star alliance troop, who were sent to South Korea on a mission. However, they were soon forgotten by their motherland. Their families were executed and they were in turn, accused of being traitors. This movie has overwhelmed me with many emotions. My heart went out to them as they realised that their blind devotion to their country has been wasted. What was worst was that they were ordered to commit suicide. Tracking devices had been implemented in their bodies and they were mercilessly pursued by their fellow comrades. What struck me most was when they said that in their next life, they hoped to be born into ordinary families in a peaceful country. Isn’t it odd how we are unable to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary but always strive to be the best? We keep looking upwards but we forgot to pause and turn around to see those struggling below. These 3 spies have found in each other a friendship which they never broke even till their deaths. They stuck together, fought together and died together. They trusted each other even till their last breath. This trust cannot be found in their country, North Korea, even though they were born as North Koreans. I also recalled what a guest professor had said about zombies. How do zombies trust each other? Their instinct will help them. The realist view of the world cannot exist anymore. No matter how some are trained to be cruel and merciless, there will still be a good part in them. No one is born a devil. This movie has made me understand better the importance of political science and to appreciate life and be contented. A great nation cannot be created without its people so for every country, they should put their people’s interest first. Interest is not determined by the elites who think they know everything. Instead it should be the citizens’ interest as deemed by citizens themselves. Deep down in every person’s heart, they all wish for peace. I also learned to appreciate whatever I have, to know that the peace that I enjoy in my country is not easily achieved. It is carefully and specially constructed. The blind devotion to material things, achievements will all be useless when peace is lost. As I wipe my tears away, I secretly pray for the happiness of the North Koreans. May they be reunited with their families and may they find their true happiness one day, away from their leader’s control and away from fear. For those who have read my post, I strongly recommend you to watch this superb movie and appreciate the life you have.

Who are we actually looking for?

Who are we actually looking for?

The word ‘love’ generally means to have special feelings for someone or something. Sometimes, we find love in the most unexpected places. But the question is, do we really know what we want when we look for love? In this age, our ideas have been very much shaped by advertisements, dramas and even social stereotypes. We think that we have to have the best looks and figure to be able to pursue love. We may even look for someone who has a absolutely hot body and looks. But, have we paused and reflect on what we really want? Is it the body? Is it the looks? Are those our priorities when finding a potential lover? Many a times, I would ask myself this question. The proliferation of advertisments with handsome and gorgeous models, boasting unflawed features has more or less impacted our judgement. Are we going to spend our whole life searching for someone who looks like a celebrity? To me, love doesn’t inform you when it is going to come. You fall in love unknowingly. You cannot plan love. Be yourself, and the right one will come around and appreciate you for who you are. If the one whom you have a liking for doesn’t like you because of their superficial criteria, then they aren’t worth it. After all, real love isn’t finding the perfect one, but an imperfect person and together, your life becomes perfect.

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

We Love Them For The Candid Moments—On Love And Vulnerability

Love this

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We try so hard to make ourselves lovable, but have you ever asked yourself why you love someone you love? Is it because of anything they’ve done? We grow to love the essence of someone, not the accolades, not the titles, not the things they put on or hide behind or hold up. When someone comes to hold that place in our hearts, when they occupy that spare room in the house that is our very being, the feeling of it is so abstract and goes so much deeper than their concrete achievements. This is how we know it is not their façade that we love.

We love them for those candid, raw moments where they exposed to us, quite possibly by accident, the person they are to the depths of their soul, the essence of their existence. We love them for the moment they laughed uncontrollably, for how they…

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Have you ever broken off ties with a close friend or someone whom you like or love? Having been through such an experience, this songs tugs at my heartstrings. Sometimes, I wonder, if that someone really hated me so much, would I be erased easily after all the memories we shared? Is it possible to forget the memories we have shared with others and to revert back to being strangers? For someone you really cherish, it is not hard to want to give everything you can. If fates cross, would we be ready to meet those we have fallen out with? Relationships can be so fragile that once shattered, can never be pieced back together again. So goodbye my memories and those I have left in the past, may we be brave enough to face the future and maybe each other again in the end…….

What’s your story?

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Here I am, sitting at a table with a  medium sized coke light in my hand and watching students. Some of them looked like they were rushing, others strolling leisurely and a handful burying their heads in books. As I scrutinised them, I could not help but wonder about their story. At the age of early 20s, everyone,  including me, is surely bound to have a story. What makes us who we are today? What makes our beliefs? What makes up our personality? After a long hard thought, I figured that the best answer would be experiences. Experiences, good or bad, have an impact on us whether we realise it or not. We turn out in a particular manner, armed with different hopes and fears mainly because of our experiences. Some fear that the bullying that they have faced in their younger years would resurface every time they enter a new environment. We all have our own story and some parts of our story may only be exclusive to our best friends or maybe, it is only for us ourselves. Regardless of our experiences, they are kept in our hearts to teach us a valuable lesson. As I glance at the different faces around me, the different expressions, the different personalities, I wonder aloud in my heart, “What’s your story?”

“Every life is different because you passed this way and touched history.” ― Barbara Kingsolver